Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're back!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. It's unfortunate how quickly time escapes us without us even realizing it. Does anyone else feel that way? I swear I blinked and three months had passed. Here we are in May. May. We're on the brink of summer and I'm hoping that this one is full of new chapters in my life, and many fun adventures. The transition between Spring and Summer makes me want to be outside constantly. I can't wait to own a house with a big porch (front and back, let's dream big ladies), a pool, and a BAR! (duh we need wine. it's imperative). 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

around town...

when i say i have a minor obsession with anything that has to do with decorating a house it's a lie. 
i have a major obsession. 
yesterday i made the rounds to a couple of places in auburn (you know...because there's not exactly that many to go to...) 
and i was pleasantly surprised.
i mean i was terribly anxiety ridden that there were so many amazing pieces of furniture that i 
1. had no money to buy 
2. no room to put any of it! 
i know. 
here's a few of my favorite finds (so ya'll can enjoy, and then cry too ;) )

this bed frame is seriously ridiculously beautiful. you can't tell from this picture
because at the time i was more focused on the bedding. (from Moxii)

 these bowls are also from Moxii. they were $13 each and i just couldn't justify
spending that on ONE bowl when i needed them ALL! blah.

 this wine rack is from TJ Maxx. yes ladies, TJ MAXX. for those of you who have
read my prior postings you know i love the heck out of some TJ Maxx. this made that
love grow deeper. price tag of $350. maybe next year.

 Angel's Antiques is literally heaven on earth. this distressed beauty was $250. which
really isn't that bad i guess...(i mean i could have talked myself into buying it if i was
about to move somewhere i could fit this)..but i have nowhere to put it.

 and the inside was SPACIOUS. also it was a great height. probably 6 feet.

 love this as well. i probably would have changed the knob to something colorful
and fun though (to one from anthropologie most likely, duh.)

 this is from Resurrect. now, this lamp is OUT THERE and there were two of them
but i just think they are SO COOL. surrounded by the right furniture these could really
do great things in a room. i'm not a big fan with them mixed in with all the distressed stuff.

 another fun lamp from Resurrect:

 best. door. ever. and NFS. total buzz kill.

 cute little side table! i adore this, really.

 and last but not least...this gorgeous, antique mirror. it didn't have a price tag, so i guess
that means it was free! (that's my philosophy on all unmarked items.) isn't it lovely?

Monday, January 30, 2012

no title.

this is where i'm at people. 
a "no title" place. 
the creative juices are at an all time low.
i had to make myself post something because i truly do love blogging 
and i want to get back to a spot where i'm on top of it again. 
so i thought i would just post a bunch of things that have recently inspired me. 
hope everyone's monday is just fabulous!

1st picture: don't let dreams be dreams.
2nd picture: Photographer, Pep Ventosa, walks around carousels taking multiple shots then blending 
them together. looks like a painting!
3rd picture: beautiful baby
4th picture: "The Lovers Bridge" in Paris. Couples attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river symbolizing their eternal love.
5th picture: heaven on earth.
6th picture: a literal birds eye view.

Monday, January 16, 2012


can we just establish that i have totally abandoned the blog? 
being home for a month threw me for a loop and i'm not going to lie i didn't think about posting once
how does that happen? one word: family. 
two words: family. chaos. 
but chaos in a good way - for the first time in years the five of us got to be together and it could not have been better. i tried hard to document all of life's happenings but my camera (that is shock proof AND water proof i might add) broke. 
how does that happen?!
anywho i will be up and back to normal posting this week! hope everyone had a long...

Monday, December 19, 2011

...and the temperatures are dropping!

is anyone else crossing their fingers for a snowy Christmas?!

stay warm everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2011

wrapping up december.

my apologies for the lack of postings this week!
my mom and i have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
three words: last. minute. presents.
and then we wrap them up and drink wine under the christmas tree.
our presents are wrapped nothing like the ones below, but i believe the presents i give my friends
this year will be! i love the mittens string from anthropologie. how stinkin' cute are they?!

click images for links. some unknown.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

home sweet home.

what's better than exams being over? getting to go home for a solid month!
Texas here i come!

Friday, December 9, 2011

office space.

One day i will have a home office. 
and clearly by the following pictures i haven't decided which route i will be taking in decorating it.
but every single one of these offices inspires me...from the playful colors and eclectic vibe of the first photo to the french elegance of the last photo on the right.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Jonathan Adler makes my heart beat fast. 
if i was a gay man i would be all over that...(too much? didn't think so). 
i started noticing Adler via his iphone covers at Nordstroms (random, i know). 
the pretty patterns and colors caught my eye, so i went home to do some research. 
as i was surfing his website i could feel my heart palpitating at a rapid speed..what were these colors?! these patterns?! these fun gifted ceramics, pillows, and frames?! these beautifully decorated rooms?! can i buy the whole website?! que the money tree!!
these last 23 years i had been missing out on sheer and utter design brilliance.
Dear Mr. Adler, should we ever meet...prepare yourself. i might end up giving you a bear hug for an awkward amount of time.

for more adler go to his website
you won't regret it :)